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The Salon

rainbow room drunken poetry presents sarah caterpillarwings godsell and danai d-mu mupotsa on a poem-tree

6 july 2014

DISCLAIMER: we feel unending waves of shame - drunk people should not share poems so full of the word nipple with people they recently met. We can only hope the poem is received in the spirit of Audre Lorde's commandments. Read us gently.

d-mu to the left

caterpillarwings to the right

lip smacking flavour

brain smacking tongues

refusal and a woundy,
bendy sometimes hard as rock
sometimes it's so soft - rock

sometimes the rock gets smoothed
into sand by the waves
sometimes shattered
sometimes the shattering happens in the eyes
and blind, you look for sand grains
to fill your eye sockets

peche peche, galinha
peche do mama
lip smacking flavour
on the tongue - with the tongue
through the tongue
and spit - it comes

it comes in wave
flowing over lips
over tongue
over tongues

and then it settles
because love doesn't last.
ever really
but our commitments to
erasure remain to loudly, deliciously, proudly
a terrifying perverse - pleasuring sharpness
occasionally riffed off
riffed apart
riffed towards - whispered
gentle fingers on friend nipples
in a ragey loving
erasing claiming of space
and voice and talk and monotony and plasticity and stiffness
so we stop rubbing nipples

because doesn't ever last really and
our erasure
done and undone
is marked by white hot tears
and white hot orgasms and friends nipples
can be home also
and comfort and
bath bases for guerrilla wars
doesn't ever last
(until it does)

the dream of
the promise of
the nostalgia for
and all the taken for granteds
if not now, then when
if not me, then who
if not

taken for granted is
also taken
(which we want sometimes)
until it makes us small
and in you smallness so fragile
even friends nipples
would crush us
we take ‘if not' in out mouth and blow
until there are many seas
ragey, loving, committed
each erasure is undone by each gentle out
on friends nipples

there is something so odd about
eating, eating, eating flesh
lip smacking flavour.