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The Salon

Volume 10, 2016

Explorations on Intellectual Ethnicity, Philosophy and Ethnological Reason
V.Y. Mudimbe in conversation with Sam Okoth Opondo
This epistolary exchange between Sam Opondo and the philosopher VY Mudimbe, draws upon the ideas of the latter’s recently published On African Fault Lines (2013) to think through the imbrication of African linguistic, philosophical and narrative practices with a multiplicity of sites and traditions in and beyond the continent.
Xenophobia and the Politics of Citizenship and Belonging in South Africa
Shose Kessi
UCT psychologist Shose Kessi excavates the roots of xenophobia in the uneven distribution of resources that are the legacy of apartheid, and argues for readings of identity that recognise its embeddedness within structural inequalities.
Of Animals and Other: Life, Histories, and the Anthropocene in Johannesburg Science Fiction
Paul T. Clarke
Paul Clarke considers representations of the environment in the film District 9 and the novel Zoo City in order to think through the emergent intimacies and mobilities offered by the Anthropocene.
Lets Talk about Rick Turner
Peter Hudson
Peter Hudson remembers the academic and activist Rick Turner.
Source: Lesley Hudson, photo of Rick Turner
Indian Ocean Depths: Cables, Cucumbers, Consortiums
Charne Lavery
In her essay on Indian Ocean literatures, Charne Lavery argues that fictive imgainaries reflect the persistent opacity of the ocean itself.
Peter Shearer, NIWA, Black Dragonfish.
Thoughts on Theorizing from the South: an interview with John Comaroff
Lisandro Claudio
Lisandro Claudio and John Comaroff discuss the Comaroff’s recent publication Theory from the South and its implications for rethinking global relations through the praxis of critical scholarship.
Pleasure and Jouissance: The Martican Lived Experience a Translation of and Commentary on Eduard Glissant's essay, "Plaisir et Jouissance: Le Vecu Martiniquais
Rachel A. Rothendler
In her translation of Édouard Glissant’s essay, “Plaisir et jouissance: le vécu martiniquais”, Rachel Rothlender critiques his delimiting reading of Martinican female pleasure and sexuality.
Edouard Glissant. Barcello/Glissant Conference. Palais des Nations. UN Geneva. (UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferre). 2009.
Rattlin the Bag: Language Knowledge and the Transformation of the University in South Africa and India
Dilip Menon argues for a pedagogy and scholarship of multi-lingualism given the pressing need for transformation at South African universities.
Wiki commons, NH209-Bannari Road Sign.
Precarious Silence: Decentering the Power of Whiteness in South Africa
Mohammad Shabangu
Unpacking the habits of “whiteness”, Mo Shabangu responds to Samantha Vice’s 2010 article “How do I live in this Strange Place?”. In so doing, he argues that Vice extends rather than unstettles the parameters of white entitlement.
Wikipedia/Lionsgate, Dear White People.
Juan Orrantia's Sugercoated Blues
Tracy Murinik
Tracy Muriniik reviews Juan Orrantia’s sugarcoated blues, recently on display in the Wits Anthropology Museum.
Juan Orrantia, Sugarcoated Blues Installation.
Where are my fucking flowers! Life, laughter and death in the work of Ishkar Richard
Zen Marie
Zen Marie reflects upon the work of his student Ishkar Richard and its challenge to traditional patterns and habits of mourning.
The Unpredictable Past a Review of in the name of People: Angola's Forgotten Massacre
Claudia Gastrow
Claudia Gastrow reviews Lara Pawson’s In the Name of the People: Angola’s Forgotten Massacre.
Source: The Daily Maverick.